We serve our community in Rancho Sahuarita through local partners and missions:

Sahuarita unified school district

  • Back-to-School Appreciation Day: We pass out eegee's to the whole district at the begging of each school year.
  • Welcome Back to School Greeters: At the beginning of the school year we assist Anza Trail in welcoming back students and their families as curb greeters.
  • School Teacher Appreciation Banquets: Multiple times a year we serve staff and teachers a meal of appreciation. 
  • PTO Movie Nights: Common Ground links with Anza PTO to facilitate movie nights and other events to help promote a strong program for children.
  • Tree of Hope: At Christmas, we work with the SUSD to identify students and families that need assistance during Christmas and we provide them with Christmas gifts and food. 
  • Beautification Projects: As needed, Common Ground helps the SUSD with beautification projects for their various campuses. 

City Of Tucson

  • Tucson Homeless Ministry (22nd Street Park, Tucson): On the last Sunday of every month, volunteers from Common Ground Church serve the homeless a meal and restoring faith, hope and love to these individuals.

The Town of Sahuarita

  • Trunk or Treat: On the Saturday before Halloween, we partner with The Town of Sahaurita and Ranch Sahaurita to host a family friendly Trunk or Treat section for the Town’s Spootakular Event. Hundreds Volunteer for this event every year.
  • Christmas Parade: Common Ground Church links with the town to provide a float for the annual Christmas parade. 
  • Common Ground Church works throughout the year to partner with Rancho Sahuarita in providing family friendly events for the community. We co-host movie nights, provide volunteers for Community Story Times, and work together on events for youth.


Jesus commanded His disciples to make disciples of all nations and to the ends of the earth. (Matt. 28:19, Acts 1:8) Common Ground is strives to support and send missionaries internationally to unreached people.

Nicaragua Mission Trip

Common Ground Church sent and supported a church for the Brookes Family who served in Granada, Nicaragua at El Puente, a complex dedicated to serving the poor in through discipleship, education, and sports ministry.

SOAR Missions

Common Ground Church supports the Dunn Family who develops aviation mechanics and pilots for Aviation Missions taking the gospel to peoples who are totally unreached with the gospel. Learn more here.

Mexico Mission Trip 2018

Common Ground volunteers headed down to Mexico to deliver the gift boxes to Cuirim House and the Tree of Hope Gifts and the bicycles that had been donated and repaired to Iglecia Vida Nueva.

Church Planting

Common Ground Church is committed to multiplying churches and providing the opportunity for the gospel in areas with little or no evangelical church presence. We are dedicated to provide resources and people to help in church planting. 

Common Ground Church of Vegas 

Common Ground sent Pastor Ben Barfield and supporter Austin Ryan to Las Vegas to be church planters for Common Ground Church, Las Vegas.